Birdy Tip #1: Don't use anything with Teflon!

Teflon pots and pans, and other non-stick products (like George Foreman Grill) WILL KILL your birds. Teflon does not like your birds and your birds do not like Teflon. (Atleast the toxic fumes emitted from it.)

If it's non-stick and heats up, it may have Teflon.

• Replace Teflon pans with Stainless Steal pots & pans and butter. (Or non-butter butter.) Stainless Steal is prettier anyway.
• Don't put your birdies near or in the kitchen.
• The absolute least you can do is put the vent fans on until you can get some stainless steal cookery.
• NEW: Glue guns contain teflon. Beware..!
I wonder, if it could kill a bird, could it be bad for humans? Hmmm...!
Here's what the Enviromental Working Group has to say about it and the effects on humans as well. CLICK LINK TO LEARN! LEARNING IS GOOD!

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