About Us

No Feather Left Behind, Inc. operates through a network of foster homes in South Florida. This makes it so donations can go to vetting costs instead of operations costs. We are a small rescue with great passion.

Our mission is to find quality homes for relinquished companion birds in need, provide any necessary vet care, and promote education and awareness of responsible bird ownership.

Jennifer Budrock - P                Jacquelyn Johnston - VP
Izzy Alvarez - Treasurer          Shari Mirojnick - Officer
Nalinee Hargoblin - Secretary    Beth Nathansan - Officer

See the No Feather Left Behind Interview Featured on The Birds That Own Me

I'll never forget the purpose he gave to me.
Our biggest goal is to spread awareness about companion birds. Both the good and the bad.

There are people who will buy a bird without being knowledgeable or doing any sort of research.
That is wrong. There is so much you need to know before bringing a companion bird into your life.
I experienced this at Petco.
Elly was an (adorable) impulse buy. The company made me sign a paper, that I didn't really read. No home visit to make sure I wasn't a hoarder. No interview to make sure I'll love the sweet, little bird. No care tips... Mind you. Good Rescues DO do this.

It was a positive occurrence for me because she lead me to where I am today. Passionate about animals and their well-being. I was also raised with pets my whole life. I would never bring an animal home that I wouldn't commit to, but THAT'S NOT EVERYONE..!
 If you want proof that people don't care as much as they should, look at the 4-6 million dogs and cats put to sleep every year.

If a person is interested in a bird and did their research, they'd most defiantly adopt or re-home a bird, not support Petco or any company that breeds them in mass, or poaches them from the wild (this happens with the feral population in South Florida).

Birds are usually 1-2 generations from their wild families, unlike dogs or cats who were bred to be domesticated through years and years. And we all see the population, neglect, abandonment, and euthanization of those companion animals by the estimated 37,000 in Miami-Dade alone.

Cockatoos can live to be 80 years old! If anything, I believe legal proof of accommodations after death are in order just to own any animal like this.

Most birds are extremely loud! Sweet, loving, and cute... but often loud!!! They are all sweet when they're young because they're needy.

A true bird lover doesn't mind this, just make sure your neighbors, or people living in your house don't mind it as well.
Ask yourself, "Who else will take care of the bird if I can't?"
If you can't answer this question, you should not have one.

It should be similar to adopting a child. They act just like one. Birds are tiny feathered people or "non-human persons", of which I've heard thrown around recently.

People don't know that their affectionate, needy, baby bird's personality will change around the age of 3 (like puberty in humans). People don't know the special and expensive diet they need. It's not buying seed from the grocery store...!
The amount of attention they need...? In actuality, only their wild flock could offer that.
Who are we to deprive them of their family and their nature?
Stop breeding birds!
Take care of the ones we have in shelters, ones that can't be returned to the wild. Crack down on bird trafficking (illegal, but can happen) and capturing (unless they are in danger).  Only new birds that should be in our homes are ones that can't fend for themselves in the wild.
Don't support business that get their birds from breeders or don't take care of their birds.
You'd be surprised where those babies in many stores come from.

Contact me if you want to report a filthy store in South FL. I'll find a way to take necessary action to make sure they're being cared for properly.

Mikey after the vet visit.
They are extremely social animals.
When you have dinner, they're right there with you. When you come home, they dance excitedly for you to put them on your shoulder and give kisses. Mine do. I live with my family, so someone is always home to care for them. How many situations do you know when this is the case?

People take them and put them in tiny cages like a decorations. It's like putting a small child in a cage, alone, with no proper stimulus.

Bobo Tribute
This video linked above says it all. I cried so hard. We need more people like Bobo's rescuer.

Bobo's Story
This is a poem (linked about) about the poor friend. READ IT!

I do this to honor Cliffy's memory. That baby boy taught me so much in his short life.
For the Quaker and Pionus at Petco that have been sitting lonley in a cage for almost 3 years. I can't go in there to get crickets without stopping by and wanting to cry as they waddle down to greet me. I give them some attention, because I can't bring any more babies home, and this will just promote more of their breeding...

I'm a birdy lover. I want to reach people. If you really really love birds, you wouldn't buy from a breeder and you would be more responsible in the care of your current feathered babies.

I started doing bird rescue thanks to South Florida Wildlife Center.

Like many people, I didn't know you could adopt birds. Searching the internet for a picture of a conure for my desktop, I saw Clifford the Cherry-Headed Conure on petfinder.com. Michelle showed me proper adoption protocol. Cliffy was splay legged and had a few issues in the beginning of his life. SFWC didn't give up on him.

He was the cutest snuggly butt. I would take him everywhere and they would check him out once a month to make sure he's doing ok. While feeding my pet frogs a friend had given me, he had a freak seizure and eventually passed at the emergency clinic. I never felt a sadness so strong in my entire life. You could relate it to loosing a child.

In order to counter the sadness, I volunteered at SFWC to start and learn about wildlife in his memory, in order to save birds like him and assist those that helped him. 
I made friends with Jacquelyn Johnston and after some time and a situation with a cockatoo, she opened up No Paw Left Behind to have a bird specific branch - No Feather Left Behind.