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Directions for Decals:
  1. Clean the surface you will be placing the decal on.
  2. Using a credit card (or anything similar), rub over the top-layer transfer tape to be sure that all the vinyl is attached.
  3. Slowly peel away the backing paper. Make sure the design stays on the transfer tape and does not stick to the backing paper. Discard the backing paper.
  4. Align the decal so that it is in the exact location you would like it on the surface. 
  5. Work your credit card from the top down and center out.
  6. Remove transfer tape by carefully pulling at a 180 angle. If the design begins to pull up with the transfer tape, it has not been applied firmly enough. Using your credit card, go back over the design again with firm overlapping strokes, then once again attempt to remove the transfer tape.

Email if you have any questions!
*Note* Backing paper may be cut into something other than square/rectangle– this is to prevent wasted vinyl. Hope you don’t mind. This does not effect the decal.


  1. I would love a decal that says "My Quaker Parrot is smarter than your honor student." Thank you!

    1. It's in the works now! I'll post the rough layout on your FB page.