South FL Adoptables:
Adoptables February 2016 | South FL
Rainforest Clinic | Loxahatchee, FL
(561) 795-5878

South FL Wildlife Center | Fort Lauderdale, FL
(954) 524 - 4302, ext.15
For adoptables on the National level:
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Research before (and after) you choose to adopt.

Chain, Mako, Charlie, and Budgie Flock
Romy & Michelle
Chubbs & Pretty Girl
Miss Chuck 
Leonard & Penny
Nismo and Stella 


#0 Avian Aid: Project Louie - Link

#1 Indian Ring Neck Needing Calm & Peaceful Foster/Forever Home - Link
Yoshi has been adopted!

#2 A Pair of Inseparable Cockatiel Buddies! - Link
Ricky & Maxine have been Adopted! - Link

#3 Emily & Victor have been Adopted!

#4 Midori was Adopted... then unfortunately passed away that morning.
She had a splay leg that could have hinted at something more internally messed up...
She was taken to the vet prior to adoption... These things happen, the best we can do is try.

#5 Eve was adopted to Midori's Mama
Eve (her new name!) the Lovebird was offered to us in perfect timing for Linda, the kind lady that was patient and understanding when it came to the passing of Midori. She buried the sweet buddy too.
Eve struck up a conversation with Linda's Marco almost instantly. This was such a happy event.
I left with a perch for the flock that Elly who now sits on it and eats when we eat at the table. =D
Pako's a little jealous, but he can shoosh. He has a bigger perch!

#6 Ceslie was adopted by Vinny!
Ceslie Stops by - Link
Adoption Story - Link

#7 Finch Crew have been adopted!
Raining Finches - Link
Adoption Story - Link

#8 Chico has been adopted! - Link
More about Chico! - Link

9# Andy has been adopted! - Link
The life of Breeder Birds - Link
Adopted by Sharon 

RIP Miss Ann - 6/15/11 - Link
#10 Rico has been Adopted! - Adopted by Joan
Rico's Story - Link
Rico Update from Joan - Link  

#11 Pops was Adopted!!!!!
The story of Grandpa/Pops - Link
Adopted by Julie and Family
Adoptions!!!! Yay! <---- Cockatiels and Grandpa's adoption story!

#12,13,14 Pookie, Sol, and Luna! Adopted Together!!
Adopted by Jane

#15 Blue Crown Conure: Rosa - ADOPTED!
Adopted by Jim
Goodnight Sweet Cecile - Link

#16(a) Adopted Mimi & Chicken Phoebe - Link
Adopted by Sharon - Then relinquish by Sharon :(
But she cared for them amazingly while she could.

#17 Buddy Blu adopted by my Mama
Buddy Blue is half bird, half dog - Link

#18 Adopted - Bella (1 legged Albino Cockatiel)

#20 Wiki (Formerly Gigi) - Adopted!  by Soraya

#21 Adopted! by Rita - Sugar and Lime