Adoptions!!!! Yay!

OMG! Grandpa, the old-man African Gray, who’s cranky because he can’t see (we don't judge him!), got adopted by a wonderful family on Sunday…! They have 2 grays. One from when it was a baby, and one she rehabbed to be a happy bird.

Grandpa is a bigger challenge, but I believe they’re up to it!

I got a call that they took him to get groomed and he’s better balanced. He’s missing flight feathers on one side, not the other. I wanted to tend to him, but when he went to the vet, he was stressed enough, so we just didn't opt to do it then.

The father had the low voice that he likes. The one that my dad used to chill him out when he’s pitching a cranky fit. “It’s ok grandpa, you’re alright, I know, it’s so terrible.”

I love the whole family was involved. That's perfect. Of course, if they have a problem with him, we'll welcome him with open arms, but this way, you have loving people, and his cousins! So happy!

Dad came home and missed him much. He knows it’s for the better, but he’s been with us for awhile and he’s whinings grew on us. He's a good bird, just had it rough is all.

It makes me so happy that people have a heart to take the guys that are really really really in need of love.

Wednesday the cockatiels were adopted..! Sweet lady that’s a cancer survivor, and volunteer at a local nature center. She had nice cages set up for them. When I was assessing the blue crowns, I met her there and she was interested..!

With rescue, you go through quiet spells, then 2 wonderful homes in 2 weeks. Oh, I’ll post about Rico too. We got a happy update.

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