Rico Update!

"I took "Rico" in to see Dr. Clubb at the Rainforest clinic last week. She did all kinds of tests and cultures and even an xray to see if anything was wrong. I also had Rico sexed and now we need to think of a new name because she is a hen!! The culture came back normal. They are waiting for the results for some virus. She is on antibiotics, vitamins and something else {my daughter would know what is is] to help make her healthy. the only thing the xray showed was a slightly enlarged heart. Today was the first day that she and my Red lored actually got together. They have been in side by side cages--or 1 in and 1 out. My guy spent the morning preening her and sitting beside her. They seem to love each other! He will fly off and then come back to her. Unfortunately she is still picking her feathers. I am providing her with lots of branches because she really likes to pick at things. Dr. Clubb said that if she doesn't stop she might have to wear a collar. As far as eating, I have found many things that she likes--cooked peas, rice, cherries, bananas, raisin bread with peanut butter, and believe it or not--raw spinach. Kim and I love her and we hope she will be happy here. Oh, she knows how to put up her head feathers on command when you say scrith scratch, she is learning to flap her wings on command and she knows step up. I'll keep you posted on any new developments! Joan"

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