Avian Rights Awareness

Support eco-tourism. Support rescue, proper bird care, and education. Support ethical conservation efforts. Keep wild animals wild. Extend the feelings evoked by Blackfish to all other animals.

I love birds so much, their happiness trumps mine. Let them be born in the wild and protected, not born into cages and often neglected.

O_O I rhymed.

Double Adoption

One adoption lead to another at Bird Lovers Club - Crowburt the Green Cheek Conure found a family, and that family had a friend that was interested in the Parrotlet Applejack (formerly Romy) and Sun Conure Sunny.

At first, I was worried that Sunny was going to be a noisy nipper (which isn't uncommon for sun conures) and Applejack was going to be scared of interaction, but they took to the new family very well. They preened each other while perched on their new dad, then preened him, and Applejack would do tiny-whistles back to Jorge. I think it's a good fit.

Crowburt loves men, so Mario was a great match for his family as Irma had her Blue and Gold Macaw that adores her. Very animal-loving and rescuing family.

I wish them the best and I'm going to miss Crowburt, but I'm happy that he's a social butterfly when it comes to men.

RIP Chickadee

Chickadee/Sweet Peep/Chickapeep was abandoned in an apartment.
My friend at Birds of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue retrieved her and others and took them in to find homes/introduce them to the free flights.
I went up there and my heart melted for Chickadee.

I was able to give her two years of cuddles and loves. She was at the hospital just the other week for 3 days getting oxygen, warms, and treatment. The night before she passed, she was in my hand, getting cheek-rubs, watching Netflix in my room. Every morning, since I knew she was slowing, she got priority cuddle time before waking the rest of the flock. 

She passed that morning in mid-preen. I believe it was a quick, gentle passing. Like a light dimming.
I miss her because she’s not here, but I don’t regret taking her in. I took to the vet and had her on supplements. I gave her a load of cuddles. Gave her yummy food.  
I would do it all over again. I still adore senior pets. My heart aches in her absence, but I find peace knowing I spoiled her. 


Accidents happen, and since birds are so small compared to us, accidents often lead to death.

stumblebumm said:
Today has been the worst day. I have several birds and during the day while my wife and I are home, they all play outside of their cages. Some of our birds like to hide under blankets and pillows. Today I accidentally sat on Yuki, a rescued lovebird. It's been a nightmare. Can you post this story? It only takes a second to end their precious lives. I will miss her. The memory of her lying limp in my hands will haunt me.

BIRD NEWS | Parrot Disappears for Four Years, Returns Home Fluent in Spanish

A parrot with a "cultivated British accent" that went missing for four years returned home to California last week, apparently speaking Spanish and asking for a guy named Larry.
The parrot disappeared from his Southern California home without a trace in 2010— finally turning up in a dog groomer's backyard earlier this month. A veterinarian tried to trace the bird's microchip, but found it was unregistered.
Eventually by tracking down the bird's sales papers, they were able to identify the owner, who happened to live nearby.
The parrot reportedly came back from its semester abroad with a little bit of an attitude problem, refusing to speak English and at one point literally biting the hand that feeds him.
The vet told the Daily Breeze that's normal and the parrot will eventually start sucking up again in order to get food.
No one knows who Larry is.
[h/t Daily News, image via Shutterstock]