The American Bird Conservancy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of native birds throughout the America’s.
On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats ABC is strongly in support of indoor cats, for the well being of the cat but especially for the well being of the native birds they’ve dedicated themselves to protecting.

Clint and Irene Davy are wildlife rehabilitators with over 25 years worth of experience. They operate the Gibsons Wildlife Rehab Center on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats the Davy’s ask that cat owners keep their cats indoors not only for the cat but due to the extensive amount of wildlife brought to their center as the result of domestic cat attacks.
Eric Barchas is a veterinarian in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently writes for the Ask A Vetcolumn on the website Catster. He’s also studied lion in Botwana and salmon in southern Chile, which isn’t relevant but is still pretty cool.

On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats Barchas believes letting a cat outdoors is absolutely not acceptable ever unless there is literally no other option than to put the cat down.

Jackson Galaxy is a cat behaviorist with over 15 years worth of experience. He is the host of My Cat From Hell in addition to working on Think Like A Cat and Cats 101 as the cat behavior expert. He currently serves as a board member for Stray Cat Alliance, Fix Nation, and Neighborhood Cats and co-founded the website Little Big Cat with Dr. Jean Hofve.
On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats Galaxy believes that while outdoor cats would be ideal in a perfect world he can not agree to putting a cat at risk for predation or being struck by a car, he instead is a strong advocate of catios.

Jean Hofve is a holistic veterinarian with 20 years worth of experience in both conventional and alternative veterinary medicine and has co-authored the award winning book The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook with nutritionist Celeste Yarnall, she also co-founded the website Little Big Cat with behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.

On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats Hofve has published an article on her shared website encouraging the ownership of indoor cats, also readily available on this site is an articlediscussing the possibility of safe outdoor time for your cat.

Pam Johnson-Bennett is a cat behaviorist not only certified with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants but founded it’s cat division and served as it’s chair for 8 years. She has also worked with the Winn Feline Foundation and is currently involved with the American Humane Association and Tree House Humane Society. She has authored numerous books and stars on the international hit show Psycho Kitty.

On the subject of (indoor/)outdoor cats Bennett has published an article on her website encouraging the ownership of indoor cats, also readily available on her site is an article on bringing your outdoor cat in and leash training your indoor cat.

Social Experiement | F*ck The Poor

Forgive the vulgarity, but there's an excellent point to be made.

This is my absolute favorite social experiment. People will offer their opinion because it costs them nothing - but to make a legitimate effort that makes change, everyone's suddenly quiet. Not even an encouraging word.

Get off your butt and make a difference. Be it with the poor, the hungry, the needy - human or animal. VOLUNTEER! It helps your heart as it helps others. 

Even with my social anxiety, volunteering has become great therapy. It can be very tough to take the first step, but here's a good time to force yourself. The world is hurting and needs compassionate people to do more than only bark opinions.

Cockatiel WebStrip by scribblescrab

I’m not yet poised to say my one bird is special needs….. but she sure is ‘special’…………..

Don't Stop Singing

"Dinosaurs ruled our planet for eons and now they toot while people put oven mitts on their heads" - bogleech

Happy Turkey Day

Through years of animal rescue, I no longer distinguish a parrots life from a turkey's life, from a chicken's life. They all matter. They all feel. They love their families, they love life, just as we do.

Please consider donating to a farm sanctuary this Thanksgiving and if you're feeling a little bit more bold, try out some turkey-free recipes! The internet is loaded with tasty recipes!

If you take an interest in going humane this Thanksgiving or in general:
Don’t need meat to be yum.

REASONS (1) (2) (3) (4)
Why I say these things. 
FARM SANCTUARIES (1) (2) (3) (4)
Feed a turkey instead of eating a turkey
12 Reasons You May Never Want To Eat Turkey Again
Just because people may not find them as cute as other birds 
doesn’t mean they deserve to die unnecessarily because of tradition.