Say No To Sand Perches

How would you like to be walking on sandpaper all day?

The companies that are still selling these need to be boycotted. This is a matter of profits over ethics. If people are still buying them, they're going to keep selling them, they won't just take them off the market, because BUSINESS. Speak with your dollar and yell at anyone you see buying this cruel devices.
You want your birds' beaks and nails filed and trimmed? You can go to your vet. It should not run you more than 15$.

Birds should have at least 3 different varieties of tree branch-like perches. Those dowels are garbage. Throw them out. When standing on them, they hit the same pressure points on the feet, nature didn't intend that. 

We have taken them from the wild, let's treat them the best we can.

BIRD CARE | Proper Bird Holding

by a-fierce-macaw

DO NOT hold a bird like this for more than a few moments, if that. Birds do not have a diaphragm. They expand their lungs by raising their entire ribcage, and a hold like this — especially on a tiny bird like a budgie — could easily suffocate them accidentally.

If you do need to hold or restrain a budgie for any reason, you should use the bander’s grip, which looks about like this:
(source, also shows a variety of less-secure holds for other purposes)
This hold, done right, puts no pressure on a budgie’s ribcage, allowing them to breathe freely and you to hold your bird safely! and safety is the most important thing for our small birdie friends.

If you want to kiss your bird, try taming them! It requires more time and patience, and that your bird cooperates and is in the right frame of mind (gee, how about that?) but it’ll be a lot more rewarding and won’t traumatize or injure your budgie! Even if your budgie doesn’t warm up to kissing, they’ll be much happier if you work to make them comfortable around you, and happier budgies mean happier budgie owners!

Just because we're small...

by thepacificparrotlet
...doesn’t mean we aren’t a lot to handle.

...that we don’t have the same health issues.

We need lots of mental stimulation to be healthy.

The whole world is supposed to be our cage, so we deserve the best that you can afford.

Our feet are not designed for perfect cylinders,

and without proper nutrition, we won’t live for very long.

We are not a decoration, our size does not make up cheaper, we live for 25+ years and deserve to live the best lives possible.

Feathered Babies

Photo by Debbie H. | Birds of Paradise Sanct.
Baby birds want to be cuddling mommy and daddy - not being face flat in bedding!
Another reason why breeding parrots (aka wild animals) for profit is cruel and needs to stop.

Also, these birds are sold at this age, un-weened, to Jo Shmo whom has no idea what they’re doing and often end up killing these poor babies.
All because a breeder/bird shop employees says “Oh it will bond with you better.”Not necessarily.
If you see someone selling un-weened baby birds, they are monsters.

"What can we do?"
Laws need to be changed, petitions need to be made, people need to ACT. Share this, spread the word, anything…!

Change Glass, Save Birds

The Minnesota Vikings' new stadium could kill thousands of migratory birds unless the stadium's builders take immediate action to incorporate bird safe measures.

Canada Warbler | Credit: Bill Majoros / Flickr Creative Commons
Birds like this Canada Warbler often perish 
when theycollide with glass buildings. 
Photo: Bill Majoros / Flickr Creative Commons
Please act today to urge the stadium's builders to make the right choice—use safer glass!Send an email to the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority urging them to take a leadership position in building a stadium that is great for both football and birds. You can send the sample letter below, or edit the letter with your own words for even greater impact.
NOTE: Your name and address will automatically be added to the bottom of the letter.
Help us reach our goal of 65,000 letters! (That's one letter for each seat in the new stadium.)

Read the full story HERE via Audubon Magazine

Birthday Bird Art from Friends

Karen Roberts

Jennifer Mennuti
Caitlin Rose Buckley

Sunnie & Tracey

Michelle Howell

Zuko Still Not Well Yet

An eye issue started to develop when he came into the rescue, it got better with treatment, but as soon as I stopped the injections, it came back. Ointment has been used since the beginning, but this sort of thing is a real pain in the butt.
Continued further on Baytril. The puffiness seemed to go down a little and has not progressed further.

His cage is tidy, he gets fresh air and food every day, I have no idea what caused it. His (actually her) cage-friend is completely fine. 

The bigger issue is an enlarged liver which is being treated now with Flagyl, and concentrated Milk Thistle. After she feels better, we're going to get the gross pus-bumps out of the area around her eye.
Pus in that area is thick and needs to be extracted. 

She's still ChaWEEing. She's being a little trooper. Very sweet Canary. I'm sorry she has to go through this.

UPDATE: Swelling in the eye has gone down, the liver seems a little better too...