If you see something, say something (politely)

My Uncle in NY loves budgies. He told me he didn’t like how they were being cared for at a local Petco. He had two that came to him sick, thus returning them for 2 different budgies. One of the new budgies showed the same symptoms (weird poop). So what? Return her for another one?
They’re not moldy bread you switch out for a new loaf, they’re bird-friends. Why don’t they fix up the two and give them back? This was within the 30 days of which you can return them.

This didn’t sit well with me, so I contacted customer service, who got me in touch with the local General Manager, and I politely told him what was happening.
I was not out to get anyone fired, just there to make sure the budgies are being well cared for, and if it possible, that he could return the new sick budgie when she was better. They said yes. 
He went to the Petco and they were very nice to him. They could tell that it washis niece that called up to inquire. He feels better knowing they’re being looked after.
He’s still curious about the sick budgie cage they have in the back, so I told him to be nice, and ask if they wouldn’t mind showing them to him.
He doesn’t have to be ALL up in their business, but since he gives them his business, it’s fair that he feels comfortable supporting them. In order to feel comfortable, he needs to make sure the bird-friends are being cared for…

We have so many options when it comes to buying, companies know they need to earn our patronage.
Moral of the story, consumers have power through social media, reviews, word of mouth, and of course, their money. If you don’t like the way an animal is being treated or looks, politely inquire. Show that you care, inspire them to care, and if they don’t, get squawking on their facebook page, yelp, google reviews, contact corporate, share the information, but do so RESPONSIBLY. Keep your ego out of it and keep it about the animals