Call to Action

These are thing things you want to turn away from, but in this case, silence is deadly.

  1. Taking Action Against Abuse
  2. WATCH FREE: Parrot Confidential - PBS Documentary
  3. HSUS Report: No Fly Zone - Captive Parrot Crisis
  4. BOOK: Of Parrots & People
  5. PETITION: PETCO, please discontinue the sale of birds in your stores.
  6. Don't Ignore This. Tears into Motivation
  7. FLYER: Parrot Bill of Rights - Read and Share
  8. The Saddest Bird Story you need to hear
  9. Wildlife Care Center Rescues Bird Family 
  10. Remember Angel - Honor her Death with Action and Compassion
  11. About Pet Store Chains and Over-bred birds.
  12. Staying Strong For the Cause - Kaytee Products Bird Mill
  13. About Wild-Caught Parrots 
  14. Why Fight for Birds?
  15. My Own Personal Reason.
  16. Because of 1 Little Bird
  17. Why Birds Were Not Meant to be Caged
  18. Rescued Birds Help Rehab Veterans
  19. For Those of You Who Rescue
  20. A Parrot's Prayer - Link
  21. A Feathered Cry - Link
  22. Jailbirds Help Hardened Criminals Reform -  Link
  23. Bird Mills Exist Like Puppy Mills, but with no regulation -  Link
  24. Baby Birds Suffer - Link


Great Flyers to Promote Bird Adoption and Care 
- Avian Welfare Resource Center

Volunteer Opportunities:
- Wildlife Care Center
If you live in the South FL area, you'll love helping the wildlife here.
Wonderful people with big hearts for saving animals.

No Feather Left Behind Donation Page: Link
Please Save the Congo 500 - African Greys: Link
Fly Free Campaign: Link

Places to Adopt Birds 

Animal Abuse Hotline:

Cruelty Free: 

DIY Beauty - Link