Please Save the Congo 500 - African Greys

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Emergency! We need your help to rehabilitate over 500 Grey Parrots rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. 

With only 2 hours notice, the Lwiro Primate Sanctuary has been thrust into an emergency parrot rescue on an unimaginable scale. A recent confiscation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on September 18th by a quick thinking government official, has saved almost 500 wild Grey Parrots (Psitticus erithicus) destined for the bird markets in Singapore.
The birds are safe for now but need your help to begin their journey home to the wild.
Thanks to the thanks to the outstanding support of people like you to our FlyFree Program, the WPT was able to send emergency funds to provide for the birds' immediate care.
The emergency aid will cover their short-term needs. But in the coming weeks and months the birds will need intensive rehabilitation to ready them for release back into the wild. Many had their wings damaged by being tied to one another to prevent them flying, and will require time to re-grow lost feathers. Other care will include giving veterinary assistance, providing proper nutrition, and building large flights to encourage exercise.
Please send a donation today!
You are making a difference in the lives of wild parrots.

And remember, 100% of your donation will be used to return parrots to the wild and help put an end to the wild-caught bird trade forever!

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