Pako at the Go Green Event

 My Pako-buddy targeted some goodies.
(BTW, he won the raffle, no joke. I put his name on the tickets lol)

For those who don’t know. Pako is now 9 years old. I’ve had him for 1 year. He was a rehome turned rescue.
He unknowingly had Aspergiliousis (fungal infection of his air sacs/lungs).
We discovered this a week after his new-bird wellness exam.
He showed no signs of sickness until the day the tests came back, I noticed some wheezing.
Aspers is a tough illness to treat, but a year later, here he is.
He’s a dream bird and a great spokes person for the Avian Rescue I have going on.
He’s trained to step-up, not poop on people, and loooooves to socialize.

Heading home edits later..!

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