Louie pic!

We be chillin'! God I love this guy.
I have a confession: Would it be terrible of me to fill out my own form and adopt him? No cost to the rescue!!!
It will be all my own $. Anything that was put to him from donations will go to Yoshi? Is that kosher?
I'm torn right now. Mom's wanting to adopt him too.

Still medicating him and I need to take him to get his sinuses cleared again.

We totally bonded and he's so old...
I don't know what to do. Anyone have an idea?

What would be the most moral and proper course of action? Aaahhh!

My father says in a joking way, "Trade all the others for Louie, he's nice and quiet and doesn't bother nobody" then I show him Pako and tell him to say it to his beak. He won't. =P

I'll pray about it. In either case, he's going to be needed to be taken by a very special, and experienced family. They gotta watch out for this sweet, Mr. Magoo of a bird...

Email me with your thoughts @ nofeatherleftbehind@gmail.com...!
I don't want to serve myself, I want to serve bird lovers..!

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