Staying Strong for the cause.

This is why I do what I do. Every bird RESCUED is one less bird needed to be left to endure THIS.

Do you think suffering birds were born, weened, and purchased to be put into this situation? No, but you see what has happened.

This is a large chunk of humanity not caring, perhaps too busy to care, and not being educated to know how to prevent this.
This is also a chunk of humanity consumed by greed and people ignoring it, pretending things are OK.

This is why I promote adoption only. Birds should fly free in the wild, that's why God gave them wings.
Not be confined to cages for human's amusement.

Look at the problems we have with unwanted dogs and cats.
Buying bred birds will lead to the same problem.
37,000 dogs and cats are put down every year in Miami-Dade alone...
Does anyone wish that for birds?

I'm sorry, but I thought on it. All bird stores should donate, after all, bird businesses are the reason for birds needing to be rescued.

I'm sorry, that's what I believe.
You buy bred birds, people see the money in it, and they take actions like this bird mill.

I wish people would find jobs that don't cause pain to living things.
I wish people put their money they earn from those jobs into rescues, not have businesses that create more birds to be confined in cages.

Seeing "Dead female" Did me in, I'll be crying for the rest of the night, but it will make me stronger.

I will not look away, I will not bend. I won't make excuses for anyone.

These amazing creatures deserve the best. They deserve love.
I believe adoption only, weed out the need for baby birds born, for birds to become unwanted and forsaken, and focus on conservation of birds in the wild.

Want to see a parrot? Take the money it takes to purchase one, and take a trip to see them in the wild.
Watch them on youtube.

Remove the demand for bred birds, remove birds born to suffer.  I will not be blinded to the truth by the cuteness of baby birds. I will not buy into "they bond with you more when they're babies." That is PURE BS. PURE BS. Pako is proof. He's been with me for a year, he's now 9. HE'S A DREAM!
All my fabies are dreams.

I will be strong to save what I love. I can't save the world, but 1 bird saved means the world to that bird.

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