Bird Traders and Bird Brokers

We are looking for loving, forever homes, not assholes who want to make a buck off innocent animals.

It's ok to return a bird to NFLB and see if another bird fits your lifestyle, or maybe your life isn't ready for such a commitment. That's ok.
It's NOT OK to trade a bird impulsively to strangers and profiting.

Linda Gall, who has inspired this post has given 2 different birds to 2 "nice guys" (brokers) in less than a month. Now she's on Craigslist again, trading a 3 bird after a VERY EXTREME fiasco which consisted of sending an amazon parrot to a stranger in California for money.
She's looking for larger birds which she is unable to care for. Cages being too small, and similar problems.
I begged to get Louie away from her and get him to a vet. His nares were full of gray chunks of gross. His eyes were red and oozing. He needed treatment and I was fortunate enough to be able to get it for him.

This person didn't have birds for more than a week before she's looking to "trade" on Craigslist. I met her trading a cockatoo at a bird show. I've been to her house.

I will not go into too much detail, I just want to put the word out because I believe silence solves nothing in a case like this.
I've seen this all first hand...

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