Sad Story about Over-Breeding and Pet Store Chains

This was shared with me from a FB friend after viewing Angel's story.

"When I was 12 I bought a Parakeet from the Pet Supermarket in front of my house. He was amazing! He was teal with white tips and had cerulean lightning bolts on each cheek! I named him Blue and he was awesome! He came when I clapped, he'd dive bomb our poodle (she deserved it), and if he wasn't caged during meals he'd walk around the table and steal from our plates. He was badass.

I went out of town for summer vacation and left him with my mom. When I came back all of his feathers had fallen out, the ones that had grown back were yellow and he didn't act like himself at all.
That's when I learned about over breeding, our vet said that his beautiful colors were abnormal and a telltale sign of a genetic disorder inbred parakeets get and that it was a really big problem. He died just after that.
12 years later and I'm still really mad about it!"


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