Mitred Conure Family Saved by WCC

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An adult Mitred Conure parrot perches on the grates that trap the flock's young in their previous nest (Chelsea Matiash, Sun Sentinel / August 13, 2010)
Time was running out.
Four baby parrots, trapped for two days inside the wall of a building on Las Olas Boulevard without food or water, were going to die.
Brenna Corn, 24, was not going to let that happen.
"They were going to starve to death," said Corn, a clerk at a shoe store next door to the nests. "I couldn't just leave them like that."
A metal grate had been placed over three air vents in the back of a realty office on Tuesday, trapping the month-old Mitred Conure parrots in their nests. On Thursday, the babies' parents hung on the cage, their squawks filling the air.
Corn called the SPCA Wildlife Care Center. They sent two rescue workers, but they couldn't get to the nests inside the wall.
Realtor John D'Angelo agreed to let workers cut a hole in his ceiling so rescuers could save the birds.
"Happy ending," D'Angelo said.
The baby parrots survived the night at the Wildlife Care Center.
They were given the proper food and fluids and moved to the nursery Friday morning, said Sherry Schlueter, the center's executive director.
The parrots can't be released because they are not native to the United States.
Instead, they will be put up for adoption in two or three months.
People interested in adopting the birds can call the Wildlife Care Center at 954-524-4302 ext. 15.
Susannah Bryan can be reached at or 954-356-4554.

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