More Tears to Motivate.

No living creature deserves this...
Work with me to speak out against this and educate people of the horrors of breeding birds and Pet Stores.

I'm hoping to have an education & adoption table at the bird show in December in FL.
Everyone get the word out for Angel, and even my Georgie who shows the "scars" of neglect and abuse. (He's a spoiled boy now)
No bird or animal should suffer like this.
You see this cruelty with this poor baby, think of the cruelty that occurs when it gets older.
It's too loud, it bit me, I'm bored with it.
Find good homes for those in existence...! Love your birds like they're children.
Been almost a year, and I'm getting close to my dreams of a bird Rescue.
I wish chain stores would do adoption only, similar to what they do with dogs and cats.
Friend saw a Cockatoo in a Pet Supermarket..!
I saw a VERY similar video to this some time ago...
This happens all...the...time...
Fight it.

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