Clifford the Conure - The Happy Tail & The Legend.

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Adopted from Wildlife Care Center/SPCA Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

- posted 04/03/2009
from Jennifer of Boca Raton, FL

Having had a conure for two years, I absolutely love them and wanted to have one on my computer monitor as a background image to cheer me up at work. I typed "conure" in Google image search and clicked on a photo that linked me to Out of curiosity I wondered, "Who could give up a conure???"

I scrolled down and saw a little heart next to an image of a red and green cutey. It was Clifford, a special needs conure. I researched him, and it described his difficulty perching and how he needed someone to watch over him to make sure he's not hurt when he falls. There's someone always home at my house, and we all love animals.

It linked me to the Wildlife Care Center/SPCA of Broward County, and I asked about him via email. After some back and forth, a purchase of a low, yet wide cage and some toys, and a visit from the workers, they said it was okay to take him home! I was so happy.

This little guy is never in his cage. He's usually cuddling and falling asleep in someone's arms, or in his favorite blankey, having a conversation with us--we pretend to know what he's talking about, although sometimes he says, "Are you a good boy?" or "Watcha doing?" He dangles from the sides of his cage, and we both say good-bye from the window as I leave work. He gives kisses, says his name, rolls on his back so you can rub his belly, rests on my lap as I work on the computer.

We take him for vet visits at the SPCA, and he's a little rock star. All the workers come out to say hi to Cliffy when they hear his signature scream, "EEEAAA!" So cute. The sushi bar workers love him too.

I'm so grateful to the vets who didn't give up on the two-day old chick who lay at the bottom of his cage at first. They also make visits to homes before handing over the animals. Thank you so much for tending and loving Clifford.

7/19/09 The passing of my little baby, Clifford.

(By Dustin C.)

This past Sunday 7/19/09, Clifford, my special needs Mitred (possibly Cherry-Head) Conure passed away after living for a short time (a little less than a year). He was my sweet little baby who encompassed the best things in my life.

He had a kidney problem when he was born and was (likely) tossed from the nest. Someone found him and rescued him. They brought him to the Wild Life Care Center in Broward (off of Marina Mile/84). He was lying on the bottom of his cage, so I've been told. They said if he couldn't get up, that's no life to live... I understand and respect that. There's no point to live life suffering.
Fortunately they cured his inflamed kidneys, but he had nerve damage in his legs. He'd sit like a little tri-pod, his tail fanned, but he could climb, crawl, cuddle. He just couldn't perch or walk normal.
I had to get a short but wide cage for him, just in case he fell (which he did) it wouldn't be as traumatic. I eventually had a soft towel I/Henry would clean so that the impact wouldn't be as bad... He had toys he liked to yell at. He'd try to perch anyway, he mostly dangled and climbed on the bars of the cage.
I was so happy that they approved of him living with me!!! I knew I could watch over him and give him plenty of love and attention... Someone was always home to check on him, keep him company.

He would welcome me when I came home - screaming at the top of his lungs when I pulled in. I'd greet him at the window and he would calm down and get chatty. I had to say hi to Elly first though, she was a jealous little girl. She would try to preen him, but Cliffy got nervous... towards the end, he let her... @_@ but I had to give equal love... plus Henry was with him all day... n_n
He'd fall asleep in my arms or on my chest (like at Mary's when we were watching Repo), he'd take trips to the sushi bar. They loved him at the sushi bar. He used to sit on the menu, and say kappa kappa kappa, which means cucumber. He didn't say it in front of them, but he's said it to me and made me think of those moments.
Cliffy would go with Henry and I to the college lounge. If I left to go to the bathroom, he would scream for me, in a "MAMA! MAMA!" manner. He'd get so upset. I had to take him to the bathroom with me once. It was awkward because I was talking to him and someone was in there... Oh well. Anything for my little boy. He made Mikes scream like a bitch, and he dubbed him Catastrophe... He loved Raf, Mary made him nervous. I recall him liking Joel and Squee. Eventually he calmed and didn't mind when I walked off to use the bathroom. I remember long nights there, and I cuddled him in the green blankey.
He'd arch his head down, look me in the eyes seriously, then say "Whatcha doing?" I would laugh, he would laugh. He even adapted Henry's funny giggle/coo noise. He'd say "Am a good boy." He'd sing/hum when he waddled to his food dish.
Everyone loved him at first sight.
I snuck him into the house, behind my father's back. The SPCA made a home visit before letting me adopt him (God bless them), luckily dad wasn't home. Mom knew though... Eventually the jib was up, and I showed him to dad. I was scared he'd flip out, but all he did was laugh and pet his head. He wasn't mad at all. He even let him sit at the table with us and eat melon at breakfast. I'd have to sit him on his favorite pink pillow otherwise he'd get all slidey and have trouble sitting up. That was HIS pillow... and I cuddle it every night...
Maybe he'll see me with it and land next to me... my baby boy can really fly now...
I used to pick him up by his tummy and let him zip through the house, encouraging him. "OMG look at you go!!! You're so fast! Wheee!!!!" He'd flap his tail feathers too! He didn't know that's not how birdies fly. Who cares? It was cute! He'd be out of breath, but he seemed to like it. He would later flap his wings on his pink pillow, maybe for the same effect.
Eventually he wanted to be higher... he'd climb to the highest pillow... Now he really is on the highest pillow... Heh.
I remember he would be soooo trusting. You could do no wrong by him. He'd let you hold him with his back in your palm, you could tickle his feet (if you got a certain spot, his legs would wiggle), kiss him all over. Tickle under his wing. Raspberry his belly...
Oh! And since he couldn't really scratch his ears, we'd have to do it for him. If you held your finger by his head, he'd use it to scratch all over... and... and he would fall asleep between me and Henry... He'd fall asleep on my bossoms XB. I'd wrap him in his green blankey, he liked the warmth. Henry would keep watch at night so I wouldn't squish him. I'd do that just about every night...
I made Henry jealous. I told him Cliffy was a better b/f than him. He listens to me, welcomes me home, cuddles, and sings to me... XD He needed to take a lesson from Cliffy!

He was the light and love of my life. He was like a baby to me. He took a good part of my heart when he passed away. I have to keep reminding myself, I have a little red and green angel on my shoulder now. He's happy in heaven. He can perch, and fly, and is on the highest pillow so he can look down on me and watch over me... He'll know where I am at all times if he wants to visit...
I took the bell he always use to throw around and put it on my keys so I can ring it and remember him... maybe it will help him find me?

When the end came... he had a sudden seizure as I was feeding my frogs... He never had one and he's been acting fine all this time. He payed a visit to the vet 2 months ago... I wish I took him to get his nails trimmed that Saturday... maybe they would've noticed something I didn't. He seemed such a pudgy boy... but at the emergency clinic, they was "emaciated". He ate, he pooped, he talked... everything was normal! He just got done eating grapes and cherries... I suspect that the kidney problem was to blame...? u_u I didn't know it would come back... why did it have to come back? Why did he have to leave me...? Maybe he has a place in heaven... he needs to make the angels laugh.
I feel so guilty... I miss him. I wanted to built a Cliffy website, and I have a picture of him with Conures=love on my back window... I burried him outside my window with his favorite toy. I say hi and bye to him every day and tap the wind chime. I leave the blinds open a crack so he can look in... I put a white lily in his cage...
I want my baby boy...

I just pray with all my soul that he knew how much I loved him, how much I wanted to help him, how much he meant to me... I hope he was still under sedation when he went... I wanted to be there... I wanted him to make it. I don't want to have this void in my life... It's Thursday, and the wounds are still fresh.
On Monday I slept all day... I'd wake up only to cry, and go back to sleep... I cry in the shower... I just miss him... I miss you Cliffy Boy...

I plan on getting a tattoo of him on my shoulder, where he used to sit when I was on the laptop, or reading... with the quote "The Lord saves animals and humans alike" - Psalms 36:6... I want to see my baby boy in heaven, I want to remember him... It won't be heaven without him or without any of my little babies...

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  1. *soft paw* Your story touched us very much. It was lovely reading about all the wonderful times you spent together, and I know you have a zillion other memories too. I hope that time has been gentle with you and helped you live around the hole in your heart that Cliffy left. And yes, you will be with him again one day *face licks*