Training Lovebirds

I managed to train a couple of lovebirds to return to their cage after they have had their flutter time.
I used cues, repetition, and reward.

My lovebirds get to fly around in the bird room in the morning and evening. In order to return them to their cages, I originally used a butterfly net to catch them, and set them gently back into their cages.

Before taking out the net, I would clap my hand 3 times as a warning/indicator that the net was coming. They eventually learned that the net wasn't something to be feared and it only came out when it was cage time. Now, Runty & Squirmy wait for me to hold the net out to them, so they can hitch a ride on the rim, and hop into their cage.

They picked this up pretty quick and I thought maybe the foster lovebirds could learn, and they did.

Bonnie & Clyde no longer need me to reach for the net, I just have to do the claps. Jack & Elsa hear the claps, see the net, and they fly to the top of their cage, and stare at me. Then I slowly bring the net closer to them, they take the hint, and crawl into their cage.

After getting in their cages, I tell them what a good job they did, and pop some millet in their cage (reward).

There's probably better ways to teach them how to do this. Instead of using a net, hold a long perch to them, try to get them to step up on it using a treat, and put them in the cage. Maybe have millet already waiting for them in the cage.

The foster lovebirds are often very anti-hands, so the net seemed to be the optimum choice at the time.

I am not a behavioralist or anything like that and I'm open to correction and suggestions. 

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