Keeping Wild Animals In Cages

When someone says it's ethical to keep wild animals as pets:

"I take good care of my bird. It's ok for birds to be pets." If you don't volunteer with bird rescue. You have no say.

I devote my life to it. I devote my finances to it. I work 40 hours a week as a graphic designer, I take my off-days to go to adoption events and the museum to educate. I'm making info graphics. I'm trying to make things to sell to pay for vet bills of birds that aren't even my own.
I'm not trying to be a peacock, but I'm explaining how serious I am about the need to educate to save these babies from heart break.
This is the life I choose to live because of all the uninformed people out there. Bird rescuers exhaust themselves cleaning up the mess of those who think it's "ethical" to keep birds as pets.

Did you know birds can FLY!? Imagine that. Now imagine if you could fly and were sentenced to a life living on house arrest.

Doing rescue for over 5 years, I've learned that the same that applies for dogs and cats should apply to birds. Adopt. Don't shop, with the added, "Support Conservation".

All that money you blow on keeping a parrot would be better blown on efforts to help keep wild animals wild, perhaps support ecotourism.

Parrots are wild animals just as tigers, monkeys, and the like. They were not domesticated over 1000s of years, and truth be told, look how we treat those that were (dogs and cats).

Rescuers get the, "I used to have a bird..." stories.

  • "Oops, my daughter starved her budgie." 
  • "Oops, it flew out the window." 
  • "Oops, it flew into a bucket of water and drowned." 
  • "Oops, it flew into a pot of boiling water, help. I don't have money to take it to the vet. Oh whatever, it was a 20$ bird anyway." 
  • "Oops, my lover got mad that my macaw bit me and threw it against the wall, breaking their upper beak off" 
  • "Opps, my dog/cat killed my bird." 

 If you don't actively participate in bird rescue, you don't have enough experience with birds to know what you're talking about when it comes to ethics.

No, don't set companion birds free. Just don't buy them from breeders anymore.
The act of breeding birds is cruel. Yes, there are bird mills. Yes, you break the heart of the parents when you take their baby away, causing them to want to produce more in an endless cycle of cruelty.

No matter how well we treat them in our homes, it could never compare to a life in the wild with their families. *drops mic*


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    1. Wow.... U come across like a jerk.... I have a pet lovebird who was a rescue bird... she fell out of her breeders box... and was given to me.. At that time I was in the tropics.... I hand raised her from before blood feathers. she's 8 years old now. she's my companion animal. she's fully flighted. I am obessed with making sure she is: healthy, happy, and safe.... I never have her around people she doesn't know. I never take her to dangerous environments. I never subject her to the cold. I never bring her around other animals... nor do I have other animals. I do the best that I can. I would love to build an open aviary! I dream of it should I win the lotto! ... until then, it is she and I till the wheels fall off. I don't feel like I should have to defend myself but, you came across as so judgemental that I did. let me tell you if you changed your tone a bit, this would be less about me defending myself and more about 'what can I do'? But in reality, I don't want to be around 'Strange Birds' anyway for fear that I would bring home germs.... I'm not going to go volunteer at a rescue and bring home cholera... Just saying... if you really care, why don't you just recommend that people watch Parrot Confidential on Nature / PBS or maybe perhaps provide them a link?

      It shows them the cruel reality that pet birds face. my friend wanted to buy a parrot, I insisted she watch the program, I demanded that she adopt a surrendered bird. that was what I could do... maybe get down off your soapbox and you would have more converts?? Again just saying.

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