Goodnight Cecil - 7/29/11

Last night I introduced Cecile to mama on a fluffy pillow after I washed his booty. We gave pets, kisses, aws. Then I took him in my room, he slid into the comfy part of the blankey, and I put food infront of him and he nibbled. He's been nibbling. I put him back in his cage on top of one of my old/clean shirts for comfies. He was back with his mate, Rosa. I then leave around 9 to drop off the newly adopted tiels.

This morning Cecile passed away. I will be burying him in the Cliffy-Garden outside my window.

You were loved before you died.

We will take care of Rosa for you.

Last night she cuddled under the fuzzy pillow case that was part of Cliffy's pillow. No biteys, she was scared, but she calmed eventually.

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