#2 Adoptable/Fosterable - Pair of Cockatiels: Ricky & Maxine

Say hello to Ricky!
"The reason we named him Ricky is because when we first got him, he loved to sing, and the only song he seems to sing sounded like he was saying Ricky!!.  so it became his name.  He loves to be around people (only people he is familiar with).  I usually take them out to the porch every morning at sunrise.  I open there cages and they love it.. they have the whole porch to themselves. "

Maybe he can show you how to pwn some n00bs..!
Or critique your reports..! 
"I was unable to get a picture of the female cocktail. She has been saying inside her little box. Her name is Maxine and she only tags along with Ricky.  If Ricky fly to our shoulder well Maxine fly right over too. She gets a little jealous."

"I do have to tell you they are very good about returning to their cages at the end of the day. As a matter of fact they start to go crazy in the porch if you don't bring them in before dark.  I don't think they like to be out when the sun starts to set.  Once they are in the house, if we darken the room, they will automatically go strait into the cage on their own. (I believe maybe its cuz its much cooler in the house) then I cover them for the nite.  They are sooo fun and soo funny.  I will miss them."

These friends need be adopted together..! I'll more post pics after I pick them up. 
She's had them for a year and were from a pet shop. 

Times are tough, so let's try our best to help those we can in the best way we can..!

8/28/10 - Time to pick the guys up.

The lady opened the cage, Ricky climbed out and fluttered right to my shoulder and nibbled my necklace. Maxine followed shortly after. She was shy, but I think jealousy overcame her and off she went..! These are great little guys..! 

The foster wasn't ready today, but that's ok, we can offer a place for them to bunk tonight.
I need to do a budgie update, but it's a little busy. 

Here are some new pics..!

Miss Maxine made a nest on my roommate's head!

Sleep over until the foster is ready tomorrow!

Maxine is flirting with Henry, watch out Ricky..!
The lady bird laid an egg. Here's a helpful link as to what to do.


Decided to keep them at HQ (My place) and they've been a pleasure...!

The egg never really developed and there were no other eggs laid. I'm looking into a substitute for the egg to control the need to make another one. =P

They took over Elly's Apartment...!

That's ok, Elly took over theirs and helped herself to some noms.
Even Pako didn't even seem to mind them and Pako is Lord of Jealousy..!
The 'tiels earned the prestigious and rare Pako's Seal of Approval!

Their first misting with me..!

Ricky was dipping his head in his water dish, so I checked to see if he likes the spray bottle, well you can see the results. He and Maxine LOOOVED the misting.

Maxine getting some sun after her shower.
Proof is in the soaked birds...!

Now here's an awesome singing/talking cockatiel.


As of 9/22/10 These guys have a foster home..!
I can't begin how perfect of a foster home it is.
I was even able to meet the famous NPLB Bernie...!
I need to post the link to the video that made me cry. Such a beautiful story.

Flower in the hair is a good indicator of nice people IMO!
Experienced with birds, having birds of their own with toys in large, clean cages. Screened porch is a plus and also an aviary..! Speaks of morning and weekly cleaning routines. Even the son is involved. So exciting!
That's some of what NFLB is looking for in a foster..!
Email me @ Nofeatherleftbehind@gmail.com if you're interested in joining the cause...!

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