Another Pair Found with the Trash

Here are the poor babies that were left in the bulk trash. 
I visited them yesterday at the Finder's home. Their son and his dog found them during a walk in Coconut Creek, FL.

They seem to be doing ok - chipper and spunky. They'll be going to the vets within the week for a health check.

I wish I could say I was surprised, but this is the second case in a matter of a few months.
It kills me to think of the ones that don't get saved. Then again "Look for the helpers", people like the ones who took these guys in are out there. 
When people loose their birds, know that there's hope that they were taken in when they landed on someone shoulder. I've spoken people who found their birds just like that. They may possibly be on

Despite these cruel monsters who were to lazy to do the right thing, there are angels out there who care. Like Tracey who's all ready to help out with the vetting and providing a loving forever home soon...! Much love to Tracey!

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