Reasons Why Birds Aren't Good Pets for Everybody

Why Birds Aren't As Popular As Cats and Dogs | By Alyson Kalhagen

"Can you deal with a pet that is guaranteed to bite you, defecate on you, and crave your attention in its every waking minute of the day? If not, then a bird is not the right pet for you, and you are not alone.
It takes a special kind of person to be a pet bird owner, and often, that type of person is a rare breed. 
Check out the information HERE for more reasons why bird just don't make the best pets for everybody. Knowing what it takes to live with and care for an exotic animal like a parrot is extremely important if you are considering adopting a pet in the future!"
To contrast these findings, here are some reasons why birds may be for you:
Top 10 Reasons Why a Bird Could Be the Best Choice for Your Family

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