Ceslie>Celia Adoption Story

Yesterday with Vinny & Ceslie:
She was sweetness with the girls at PetSupermarket.  We were looking for a cage for her. She has such a big cuddly heart! She also was jamming to Christian tunes in the car. We took her with us.
The first foster who was dying to adopt her had to back out because she was being cautious about her dog. Which is very respectable!
This was 1 days before seeing Vinny at church..! Vinny's been interested in birdies since my going off on rants about them at church. Haha.
I feel God wanted him to have THIS bird. He put the pieces together and now I'm so happy that she's going home with him today.

He's naming her Celia:
"Celia - Portuguese and Spanish form of Latin Caelia probably meaning Heaven, My adopted Baby, very loving,"

She will be his Valentine today! <3

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