Birds Adoptable at Rainforest Clinic, FL

Working together to find Rescued Birds homes! 

"Dr. Susan Clubb Dr. Clubb has over 30 years experience working with all types of birds and exotic animals, however her specialty is psittacine birds (Parrots). This experience has been augmented by working, not only in the United States, but by working with breeders, zoos, conservation organizations, and other avian enthusiasts in many foreign countries including Spain, Qatar, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guyana, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, The Bahamas, St Vincent, Grenada, Barbados, Israel, and Indonesia."

No, she's not up for adoption, but look how cool she is.
More information, including location can be found HERE.
Goffin Cockatoo, Male, plucked on chest - Friendly (Retired Breeder) 

Goffin Cockato, Male - Semi-tame
Umbrella Cockatoo, Male "Pugsley"
Umbrella Cockatoo, Male "Sammy"
Umbrella Cockatoo, Female "Cocoa" - Loves men.
(Owner died and family could not keep her).  
Citron/Lesser Cockatoo, Female "Cindy" - Very Sweet
(Missing left leg from raccoon, owner relinquish due to finances).
Pair of Red-lored Amazons, Female, Missing 1 leg - must be adopted together ($400 pair)
Illiger Mini-Macaw, Female, "Molly" 
Severe Macaw, Female - friendly but needs interaction 
Yellow-Collared Macaw, Male
Blue and Gold Macaw, "Ollie"
Military Macaw, Female, "Millie"
Blue and Gold Macaw, Male, "Bogart" and Catalina Macaw, "Ralph" - Must go together 
Black-headed Caique, Male, "Patchy" - Aggressive
Rescued by Theater of the Sea
1 African Grey Male, "Durante" - Chronic Sinus Issues 
Congo African Gray, "Melvin" - Very Friendly
3 Ringnecks, Female: Green, Grey, Albino (75$) 
7 Quakers:
4 Green: 2 Females, 2 Males ($25 each)
3 Blue, Males ($100 each)
24 Budgies - 20$ each or 30$ for a pair
9 Cockatiels ($25 each or $40 for pair)
Males: 1 Lutino, 1 Lutino Pied, 6 Normal Grey
Cinnamon Pearl, Female
9 Lovebirds: 3 Female, 7 Males (20$ each or 30$ for a pair)

If you need assistance with the adoption process, please email me at!

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