Ceslie the Caique!

Dr. Grant has been watching this sweety for a while as her wounds healed. She was gnawed on by a doggy of a woman who found the bird outside. It's not the dogs fault. A dog will be a dog.
Without too many details, Ceslie wasn't looking to good to start, but now she's spunky as can be.

Within 30 minutes of introducing her to her new temporary home (my place), she was out for cuddles... and bananas. Many whistles and happy noises followed.
She spent about an hour just climbing all over my mom and the bed, as she chilled in her room watching tv.

Thanks so much to Dr. Grant for helping see this buddy to health and loaning us the large cage she's called home for these couple of weeks.

Whoever takes her in MUST keep us updated on any cutenesses that will likely ensue.

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