Andy has been Adopted!

After the fiasco with Mikey, which I'll recall on here later. It's a long story O_O

Sweet Andy was adopted by Sharon. He is currently being spoiled and I get happy updates daily..!

I didn't think he'd strive to climb upside-down, but apparently he's going for it!

This boy's wife died the same day I received the request for adoption.

When bad things happen, it often happens with a silver lining.

Hope to hear more happy stories of this boy coming out of his shell and into his new, pimp, birdy condo..!

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  1. Andy is doing wondeful! He especially likes sliced grapes with chopped apples for breakfast. My sweet keets sing to him while he eats! He is such a wonderful addition to my flock of feathered love. My son insists that Andy needs a spongebob toy- anyone know of any for birds? Andy has become more of a "show-off' everyday,exploring his cage,tasting new fruits n veggies,and of course, trying to get my attention. I hope this week we can have Andy out of his cage on his own comfort level long enough for some real quality time. Thank you for letting us adopt him. G-d bless this rescue and all who help with these precious feathered friends.