Chico has been adopted!

I cried the majority of the way there.
I know he's going to have a happy home, but he still had an impact at my home.

Dad says this morning "Where's Mr. Oy oy, go get him back." He was half sarcastic, half sincere.
We all loved him but this is rescue. It's not easy, but it's necessary.

Chico took to Cindy really well. I stuck around for a bit to make sure to show Chico, "Everything's cool, this lady is nice, see? We're all getting along."
After awhile, I wanted to test him, I left to go to get my coffee (we met at Starbucks) and he didn't make his "WHERE'D YOU GO?!" noise. He was being observant the whole time, so hopefully he understood what was going on.

Well no more home bouncing! that's the most important thing. That and he'll have new friends.
and Bebe
(She aquired them with these names....!)

Now she'll have Chico.

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