Buddy Blue - Blue Fronted Amazon

I'm calling him Blue for now, like the Parrot from the upcoming movie Rio, and I can't remember what Pat called him. Heheheheh. 
He likes when you talk to him and will come over and chatter back to you.
Not really handleable at the moment and never should assume one is in the beginning..!
He's a little unsteady because of some missing toes and other toe-related deformities.
I put a towel on the bottom of his cage just incase he falls - Similar as to what I did with Cliffy.
I think perch ropes are the way to go with this guy, they're soft and easier to grip onto. 
He can perch and get around, just not very fast.
One eye is a little enlarged, no infection it seems, maybe glaucoma? 
Both eyes likely have catarax. He cans see a little bit, but I'm not sure as to how well. 
Not as bad as Louie. 
Poor old birds. They deserve just as much love as their younger forms.

Here I am talking to him. Yes, that's my birdy voice.
From my experience, the more excited your voice, the happier the bird you are talking to. 
They're expressive vocally, so I figure to imitate that in my own way. =/

This may not work with a fearful bird, so read your birdies' movements/body language.

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