Rescue Case #1: Gandalf the (African) Grey

This is what I hope he'll look like one day. I unofficially call him Gandalf.  The little guy looks like he had a fight with Balrog. He has a cast on 1 wing and his feathers are all roughed up.
They have him in isolation right now.

On his chart it said he was left with a broken wing in someone's yard for 2 days.

The Monday I came in, he was screaming to high heaven. I checked on him but they already put a cover over him. He was quieted down, it was night time, so I let him be.

Wednesday night, I was reading a birdy magazine with a gray on the cover. One of the staff saw it and asked, "Did you see the Gray in the back?" "The noisy one? How's he doing?" I went to check up on him. He was making angry purring noises, pacing on his top bar. I started talking to him, moving slow. Showing him my hands, trying to give him scritches. He had a look in his eyes like, "I want to trust you, but humans are mean, I don't think I should trust you..."
I talked to him on and off through the night. He took his medicine at one point and the vet lady said that's one of the nicer times she's had giving him the medicine. n_n
She knew I was a birdy person cuz I always talk about mine. She went on to explain birdy people have better times with birdies. She seemed like one too, and she was. =D
(BTW I told this to the lady at work who's husband works with horses, and it works similarly with them. Horse people have a connection with horses other than their own.)

He'll eventually be out of quarantine and placed where all the people and the amazon are. He's going to be spoiled and they are soon ready to do clicker training.

Oh after talking to him. He bowed and let me give him scritches through the bars. =D

Here's a picture. (I showed him the camera and it didn't frighten him, so I took it quick, with no flash.)

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