Birdy Beliefs

This is Wayne's Pacelle's (CEO of HSUS) . He's very active in getting laws passed to promote animal welfare. I was able to meet him and saw him speak at FAU a few months ago. He seems so sincere and passionate about animals. He answered questions directly.He IS a vegetarian, but doesn't force it, he just recommends cruelty-free food. (like Chipotle..?).
I shook his hand and told him my passion for birds and asked what can I do to help. He directed me to his blog and a recent posts.
Clicky> 50 Things You Can Do for Animals and The HSUS - Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

If you're broke and have some free time, you can always volunteer at a shelter. It's a wonderful feeling...!

Turn your tears into ambition! =D I did.

My feelings:
I believe wild animals should stay wild, so if HR699 supports that, I'd be for it too.
I love my fids to no end, but they're all (but Elly, my first) adopted from people who abandoned them, or treated them poorly, even found injured in the wild.
At the end of the day, birds really should fly free with their social group. Humans shouldn't deprive animals of their true nature unless perhaps they are injured or incapable of doing so.
Point being: Adopt animals, don't breed them, or support people who do.

Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes. I just say learn the motives to beliefs and ambitions.

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