New Louie Update!

Went to the vet and spent around 4 hours there.
I didn't mind one bit because they were doing me a favor and I was able to have some social time with Louie.  Broward Avian & Exotic's Link vets were very thorough.

Louie at the Vet. He's such a cuddle buddy and
 I've only known him for a short time.

Alot of the time was doing in-house tests, drawing blood. They knocked him out to clean out his nasal cavities.
She suspects is a sinus problem and the eye problem is the consequence.
She checked his chest, he's an old man, but he has a strong heart.
Cataracts in one eye, partially in the other.
Wounds healed in one eye, still present in the other.

Here's some of what came out of his nose.
The medicine I showed them at first was something they didn't stock.
Instead, they sent me home with this:

One is to sooth the eye, ones to fix the infection,
and Baytril to kill the sickness.

This is his favorite. He sat like this for the majority of the time.
Side note. I'm not use to giant amazon poops... Lordy...! I really needed my poopy-shawl.

He did make some friends while we sat in the room.
A bunny patient's family stopped by and peeped in out of curiosity. Told him the guys story and they were all loving on him too. You can't help but love Louie.

Louie at Starbucks. He's upper class like that.

After the vet, we went to Starbucks to wait for a new friend. I was able to share the word of the new rescue (No Feather Left Behind) and lots more nice people were interested.

I need business cards. =P

Some people take their doggies out. I just so happen to have a parrot.
They're are both amazing companions..!

I used my own money to fund this venture. Since he's part of the rescue, the bill was discounted.
Since his former mama ok'd his surrender to see that he got some good care, I'll thankfully be reimbursed at some point although
I don't want to be a burden to the original rescue so I need to work on getting up things to sell i.e. shirts and the like.
I could not let this guy go without a thorough exam. I need to see things for myself. There's more to it than previously thought.

I'll call up for the test results tomorrow. I hope he doesn't have anything serious.

Either way. Like what Clifford taught me, there's no promise of a tomorrow, so treat your companions the best you can, because in the end, that's all you can do.

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