Ways to Help

I volunteer wherever and whenever I can for animals. I want to put myself in the middle of knowledgeable, animal-loving people. My focus is mainly on birds because of personal experience.
I want to be able to go to places, recognize and assess what is proper and what is not, and find a way to fix it.
Protests, yelling, and screaming works, but when it doesn't, you must get out there and educate..! Actually education and compassion should come first.

Pako (Mitred Conure) is now 9, I've had him for a year. He's a rehome that's amazing with people. HATES not being involved. He's a great "Birdy Ambassador" to get people interested and willing to listen and share stories.  

If you have time in your day, find a way to get involved. If you don't, find a way to donate (money or food) to causes that can.
I want to cry, but crying doesn't do anything.
Turn your tears to motivation and ambition. I met one person, that led me to another, and to another, and to a protest group that lead me to keep an eye on a bird shop that was questionable.
Instead of yelling, I try to reason and be reasonable. Now he tells me he's doing things to rescue and aid companion birds. Aiding with providing medicine and cages so people can better care for their birds instead of having to give them up.
Walk forth with kindness to the best of your ability, if it's met with anger, then respond accordingly.
I want there to be a revolution to help these animals. Please, let these pictures speak to you and help.
NEVER BUY FROM A PET STORE OR BREEDER! You only fuel these horrendous scenarios...!

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