Avian Aid #2 Project Yoshi

The little guy is VERY skiddish, much like a wild bird.
He's a plucker that Nathan offered up to be adopted through NFLB.
He wasn't fairing well in the atmosphere of the shop and stress won't help him feel better or look better.

I'm hoping to socialize him/her.

The vets think it may be a older girl or a younger male.
For the time being, Yoshi seems like a cute name.

Some small bit of progress was made the other day when I was cleaning the cage and letting him roam around the big bathroom. After letting him have some fun with freedom, I sat near him, talked to him, and eventually wrapped him up in a towel.
He didn't bite too hard when he did. I covered his face, then uncovered it to play peekaboo with him. I think he might have been amused in some way.
I also did "Boop!" and poked his beak. Trying to show him, I'm touching you, but I'm not hurting you. Then I let him back to roaming.

He's been more vocal lately. Maybe he's coming out of his shell a little more? I don't know. Maybe he's yelling at someone outside?

I gave him a fluffy wreath to go along with the wooden star and bell toy Nathan gave.

I'll call about the tests today. Hopefully he doesn't have anything major.

Louie and Yoshi are my special projects.
I don't want to subject them to another home that isn't going to be their forever home.

The budgies and the tiels need to be worked on more to get them homes. They're pretty much good to go. Hopefully the application form will be close to being done. Need to get it proofed my Jacq and hopefully a vet.

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