My new business card!

Just got done with it...! I feel so official..!

Pako (Left) Mikey (Bottom), Ricky (Top Left), Louie (Top), Bo (Right), Clifford who sparked this mission (Far Right)

One of these days I'll post the stories behind my flock and about the amazing bird Cliffy was.  About upon his passing, 3 birds, that all seem to share a piece of his personality/looks, found their way to me.

Need to post a story about the first donor to the rescue..! and their buddy Rufio the quaker.
The before and after is amazing.

Yesterday was another night being out until 10pm last night.

Got home, gave attention to my guys, headed to get Louie and Yoshi their vet checks and rechecks, then got produce all the way on the other side of broward.

I wanted my guys to have the yummies...!
Mikey came with me so I got to spend extra time with him too.
Pako's getting spoiled tonight as I finish up work here.

I'll be posting more info soon.

Go cuddle something..! 

<3 Birdy Lady

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