January 9th Palm Beach Gardens Bird Show

Made lots of friends, handed out a bunch of flyers. Met Susan Clubb who was super nice! Everyone in general was super nice!

Thanks to Chris, my partner in crime, for spotting Starbucks in the morning. I was like a humming bird!

Great connections, hopefully I can strike a partnership with Gallant Graphics. % of the money can go to the rescue of t-shirts made...!
The show-budgie people are my new homies! I love them to death. They donated a baby budgie that was a trouble maker and needed some love. His name is now Benji, one of the guys and I agreed he was scruffy like the doggy from the 80's movie..!
In turn, they won the raffle for the Indian Ring Neck. What goes around comes around.
Fell in love with an Amazon, couldn't take him home, but smothered him in scritches every chance I got.
Linda - Lovebird Lady (hee) was able to get her flight cage to take in 2 more Lovies from Corinne!
Yay! Pray for her Marco, he's not feeling well.. o,o

Sold some jewelry for donations..!

I had a wonderful time..! Hope to see all the cool peeps at the one in West Palm..!

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