Sorry for the Quiet - Bird Show and Adoption Update

Been a little down lately, been a little busy too, but that's a good thing!

The Bird Show on the 19th went great in my opinion.
The freelance lady made me a rescue shirt with the logo on it for free and on organic, bamboo-fiber, non-sweatshop made material...!

Chris, my go-to girl accompanied me the whole time and helped bag seed for donations.
Sold jewlery, chatted it up, handed out flyers I made, and informed the public! Even had foster sign up...!

My friends from Broward Avian & Exotic were there. It was great because whatever I couldn't offer as advice, I'd forward people to pros!
Saw amazing set of show-budgies.
I asked, "How is their set-up at home?" They told me that they have a huge aviary and that it's a hobby of theirs. There condition and temperament were amazing.

On the down side at another table, I asked, "What a sweet bird, what is he? Do you handle him alot?" It was a Cuban Amazon, and the sad part was, the man replied, "That's nice, because this is the first time I've taken him out of the cage."

There will always be breeders. I don't support them with my $, but since there will always be breeders, you can see the contrast of these 2.
One does it as a hobby, the other (from my impression) only wants to do it as a business.

2 birds from the show, purchased by a friend... Looked like a small toucan with side-burns (barracks?) were purchased... one died. The other has elevated levels of bad in his liver... Buyer beware...

Unintentionally gave away my issue of Bird Talk that discussed food, but the guy was so in love with his Quaker, and doing right by him, I couldn't say no. He gave some nice donations too.

Yoshi has been adopted to a lady that lives for her animals which include, 2 sweet quakers (Pickles & Charlie), Elvis the Shih-zu mix, and now Yoshi. She has the patience and love the little shy-guy needs and I feel happy that they met.
I met her at the bird show on the 19th!

Eve (her new name!) the Lovebird was offered to us in perfect timing for Linda, the kind lady that was patient and understanding when it came to the passing of Midori. She buried the sweet buddy too.
Eve struck up a conversation with Linda's Marco almost instantly. This was such a happy event.
I left with a perch for the flock that Elly who now sits on it and eats when we eat at the table. =D
Pako's a little jealous, but he can shoosh. He has a bigger perch!

I will likely be at the WPB show on the 9th...!

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