The Story of Georgie

These are my 4 conures. This is my therapy after all the stress in the world.

Everyone asks "What's wrong with Georgie's beak?" This is likely a product of a rough life, a beak injury, and age. He's an old guy, been to the vet, had tons of test. He's not 100% internally, but he is "Healthy". He has seizures, but they've been rare lately, thank God.

Georgie is the face of what happens when people don't do right by their birdies. They were going to put this poor buddy down because he was the last bird left at a closing shelter. They contacted the Wildlife Care Center to take him and they called me. This was a 1-2 weeks after the passing of my beloved Cliffy and I called in a request for another special needs if one came their way... and one did.

Don't feel bad for Georgie, as you can see, he has a new g/f, Elly the Dusky. She's taken a shine to him too..! It beat his inanimate "wife" and "mistress". His yarn wreath he was in love with and his yarn spiral toy. 

He used to be terrified, but now he's blossomed into a happy buddy that shouts to be out of his cage just like the rest of the crew. It took some time, but it's SOOOO very worth it.

This is why I don't believe any bird is a lost cause.

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