Tonight with Dr. Irene Pepperberg

Going to see the amazing Irene Pepperberg, known best for Alex the Einstein African Gray. That birdy was too great for this world. He showed anyone who have witnessed his intellectual glory, that "We (as birds/animals) communicate. We're intelligent. We have emotions."

I remember as a kid, watching something on TV with Alex doing his labeling. From then on, I will, at times, say the number 4 (in my head at least) in the tone that little Alex did. "FOOUR!"

Or if I see a truck, I will say, "Tuhruhk!" Then if people are like huh? I'll give the story of Alex. Being a birdy person, a birdy story is expected.

This is a superstar to me. I pray for Griffin and Wart to aspire and express themselves as Alex did.

Goodnight Sweet Prince.

The Alex Foundation - Link

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