Bird Age Chart

Older birds, sometimes referred to as "senior" or "geriatric" birds, often have special needs and health care requirements. The life span of some common avian species are shown below.

Species Common Life Span in Captivity (Years) Possible Life Span in Captivity When Provided Good Husbandry and Veterinary Care (Years)
Budgerigar 8-10 15-18
Cockatiel 10-12 20+
Lovebirds 8-14 20+
Conures 15-35 30+
Pionus 30-40 >40
African Grey Parrot 50-60 >60
Large Cockatoos 50-60 80+
Amazon Parrot >50 80+
Small Macaws 50 >50
Large Macaws 75 100
Zebra Finch 4-7 20
Canary 6-12 20-30

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