Birds should be able to fly free.

I took a trip to Birdy Heaven located on the west coast of central FL.

I drove for 8+ hours, but it was so worth it. This place was something to strive for...!
Pictures to come later.
Here's an exert from her site: Link

"Imagine a life very different from the one you are living
You have legs or wheels to carry you wherever you desire.
Imagine them taken away . . . forever.

You are immobilized!

Without thinking about it, you get up, go to work or school; you go about your day; you visit family or friends completely oblivious to the knowledge of your own freedom. It’s inherent, it’s natural, it’s ‘yours!’

Now imagine that you are no longer free to roam, free to explore, to work, to learn, or to even visit family or friends; in fact, not only is your ability to move in your natural manner and in your natural world removed from you, but your ability to see or visit family or friends has been taken away from you too. Imagine it.

Now imagine that you are placed into a room the size of your closet.

You are given a chair to sit on, a bowl to eat from, and a vessel from which you drink water. You are, however, completely dependent upon outside sources who may or may not feed you when you are hungry, or they may not feed you good, nourishing food, or food you even like. You may or may not have fresh water to drink. You may, in fact, be forced to sit in your own waste, drink filthy tainted water, and inferior or even rotted food, if any at all. And you will do all this from the confines of your closet.

Can you imagine it?

What if, in this place, no one spoke to you, no one touched you or soothed you when you were afraid, and perhaps, you experienced anger and abuse by your keepers. Imagine this as your life, and if it’s possible to even conceive of, imagine this is the rest of your life.

Can you still imagine such an existence?

If you cannot possibly conceive of such an existence, I invite you consider the life of the beautiful, majestic birds of South America, better known as cocktails and Scarlett or Blue/Gold McCaw’s. They’re grown like crops, harvested, and sold to adorn the homes and backyards of America, and their lives … their lives become a life of defined by LESS - so much less than what they were created for.

They no longer fly

They’re alone in an isolated prison (for our amusement)

They’re taken away from their tribes/their families/their own kind

They’re fed inferior foods not of their choosing

They’re treated as a work of art - to be seen and admired at the owner’s pleasure.

And when they object, or when they act as they were created to – like wild birds. They are often abused, neglected, and abandoned.

What can you do?

When you leave your home or office today, as you do each day without a second thought ….

… take a moment to think of these beautiful birds, imprisoned in cages, crying on the inside and suffering a painful, isolated existence. These beautiful birds will never know what it’s like to fly – never!

Can you imagine that?

Please, help us to do the right thing for these beautiful birds who need of our help.

A home that is as close to their natural habitat as possible has been created for them at a wonderful place called FLORIDA EXOTIC BIRD SANCTUARY, and whether you love birds, admire them, are ignorant of their plight, or are indifferent to them - if you can imagine a life for yourself like the one described above, then you will feel the anguish of these amazing creatures and will feel their pain and give your heart and your help in creating a world without bars, without neglect, without isolation … a place where, perhaps for the first time ever, these majestic birds can spread their wings and fly.

You can help make this happen for these beautiful creatures!

No donation is too small." 

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary

A non-for-profit 501-c-3 Parrot Rescue/Rehab Organization

email to: Patricia Norton aka

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