Pako's Day Out.

I didn't get home from Miami until 5:30pm. I left at 10am.
Pako was a sweetheart sitting in his carrier... Probably because he was sick! A quiet Pako is not a healthy Pako. He did make SOME noise, but not like his usual boisterous self.
As usual, my GPS crapped out, and I was lost in Miami. The curse of getting lost in Miami continues..!
The nurse at Dr. Harris' helped me out though! I called in and it was good I was running a little behind because they were able to start surgery on another buddy.
The nurse-lady said they had a Middle-Eastern deli next door I lingered at. I asked with something with no meat in it... Hummus and Falafuls!!!! O_O TOTAL WIN!
They did another X-ray on Pako. No progression of the Asper. Thank God. We took him off Baytril 2 weeks ago with the first X-ray. It's a relief that the Sporanox does good on it's own.

Pako has Tracheitis. We think it's from all the oral meds he sometimes inhales instead of drinks. More tests have gone out, so we'll see if it's anything else...! I love those guys over there...! ♥ Pako gets the royal treatment.

It was a total blessing to have both Dr. Grant and Dr. Harris there. Dr. Grant has been overseeing Pako all this time and Dr. Harris was to do the surgery on him because he's the best. Super great staff too...!

Pako should be ok, but gotta keep praying.

I know that if I didn't get him when I did, he would've died, so I count every extra day he's alive as a blessing. If God decides to take him, that boy has had a good life and of course, we go off fighting each of his symptoms! It's not cheap, but I'll design more if I hurt really bad financially.

Lesson of the day. If your noisy bird is quiet. Take him to the vet ASAP.
Droopy wings, sleepy, fluffed up. Birds hide sickness well so when they do show symptoms you want to NOT WAIT and get them over to a good avian&exotic vet.

I will post video of him coming out of anesthesia when I get a second.

God is good! Thanks to all those who pray.

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