Poison Control - Air Fresheners


Heidy Leon Clark
"About spray air fresherners...I really did not want to share this story because it was such an unspeakable tragedy, but ,if it helps one bird not to die in agony, I feel I have to. I understand that maybe some folks feel the ingredients in Febreeze are not toxic to birds, however, we need to understand how tiny and fragile thier respiratory systems are. A parrot forum friend lost almost half of their beloved flock (4 birds if I recall correctly) due to a large amount of air freshener being sprayed in nearby rooms. The particles in the air filled their little lungs and irritated them and they literally drowned and suffocated to death. The daughter and friend sprayed the air freshener while the parent was out (to cover up smoking maybe? I don't know the why) The parent did not know till the next morning when the precious birds were all dead. I am not here to pass judgenment on anyone else's beliefs, just to add a bit of experience so that each may make his own choices. Thank you for listening..."

Billie Faye King:
"Reynolds Wrap ADDED a NON STICK coating to their product...BAD!!!! it will send out harmful chemicals for the birds...other companies of aluminum foil haven't done this yet...it's like the cheaper the brand the safer...as of right now... "

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