Palm Beach Gardens Bird Show was TERRIBLE.

I've been going to Bev's shows for awhile, and I had lots of fun during them, but this one left be crying more than once as to how horribly some of the birds were treated.

First is the worst, the one vendor that's at every show. The one with the most birds, to the least amount of cages. (Though him and another lady is like that too)
He is a breeder and a Landscaper.
He's the same guy that I said, "This is such a sweet cockatoo, do you spoil him alot" His response, "Oh, that's the first time he's been out of his cage." The same Futha Mucker.

Cruel to birds he sells.
One bird that broke my heart was a hybrid Macaw in a rather small cage (it may be his show-cage, but seriously, what the hell?). He was missing an eye, part of a toe, his head was bowed on one of his bowls in the corner. There were Jenday Conures next to him, being their usual, loud selves. The bird was in a stressed/fearful position.
I kept an eye on the guy through the whole show, he stayed in that position from (when I first noticed) 10:00am to 4:00pm.
Had my vet friend look at him, said he's possibly sick.

I asked what the guy's story was around 10am. First visit, he told me he was like that since he was young, made it sound like he was born like that.
Later I ask him at the end of the show, I say, "He's a breeder bird." He admits it. His mate was in the cage near by. He said they were being feisty so he seperated them. But was he going to sell him by himself? I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how or when they were separated. If anything, had to have been before 10am.
If they're forced into breeding, I can see that female being the cause for the missing eye and the toe.
Anyhoo, I'm getting ahead of myself.

My second visit over there, I saw a Grayish-Blue Indian Ring Neck roaming on top of the cages. Lady pointed out, "His toe is bleeding!" It must've recently gotten the tip bitten off. Guy said he put stuff on it already, but yet he continued to let it walk ontop of the cages where he already lost one toe???
Put that poor thing in an isolated cage or something. He tucked his foot under his feathers... I wonder if he was scared that his other toe was going to get nipped off...
Had a yellow-headed Amazon, roaming tops of cages too. You know. Cuz that's safe. ¬_¬

At the end of the show, I went over there, trying not to burst into tears, which I did anyway...
I told him I wanted the bird to have a good home. I'll pay around 200$-300$ out of my own pocket for vet bills (that's the average for guys like him) I'll do home visits, anything, I just wanted to see the bird happy.
The guy said he had an aviary for him and his mate, but in the same breath he says, "You can't control everything" I told him "I wanted to, in the sense that I want to TRY, I want to try and see if I can help this bird be happy. I just want to know he's going to be ok." I'm not looking for a free bird to keep for myself. I just want it to have a good life instead of being miserable, curled up in birdy-fetal position...
Plus, if he takes care of his team like he takes care of the IRN, or his over-crowded budgies, I have reason to be fearful.

So that's strike 1 (and then some) To be continued.

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