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Procedure to Eradicate Wild Parrots

Usually in the dead of night, when the birds are sleeping peacefully in their nest, workers drill a hole in the nest bottom, go up into the nest with a large net on a long pole, and literally drag the birds from their nest. They then throw the net bag imprisoning the captured birds into the back of a mobile truck equipped with a gas chamber, supplied by the USDA. The parrots are then suffocated in the gas chamber. Reportedly, a small number of these birds are also captured, caged, and sent to a Florida facility for research purposes. Many do not survive the journey as they are inhumanely sent in overcrowded containers. Having captured and destroyed a number of birds at a nest site in this manner, the power company now does not destroy the nest, but rather, leaves it up and comes back to it approximately seven to ten days later. The process is then repeated to ensure the capture or destruction of any birds that were missed the first time.

In accordance with Connecticut state law, the birds are handed over to the United States Department of Agriculture, which euthanizes them immediately in the truck accompanying the raids on the nests. Because wild parrots, which are native to South America are considered an invasive species under state law, the USDA informs the state lawmakers an executive order requires that they be eradicated (killed).

Wild Parrots of New York 2011

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