SOAR - Supporters of Avian Rights

Our Mission
The Mission of the Supporters of Avian Rights is to raise awareness about the plight of the over population crisis of captive bred Parrots. To assess the existing avian cruelty laws and lobby for parrots to be included in these laws or to support the creation and/or changing existing laws to include the protection of all avian species. Many of the existing laws give little to no protection for avians and they are viewed as a commodity rather than a living berating being. We will be a voice for the birds by developing and promoting a unity within the avian community, so that we can better protect the captive bred Avains within the U.S.
Who we are
Supporters of Avian Rights was formed due to the lack of proper laws protecting our Avians Rights. Here in the U.S. the existing laws to protect pets many times does not include Parrots. They are viewed as a commodity rather than living creatures with rights. Many of the existing laws do not clearly define neglect and so prosecuting these cases are not always successful. It is our goal to work with the lawmakers and other organizations, to not only strengthen existing laws but to also help to define what constitutes neglect and abuse so that we can put in place laws that will protect these amazing creatures.
The Parrot population within the U.S. is growing to uncontrollable proportions. Breeding mills are producing more chicks without educating the public on proper care. Birds are not domesticated animals and should never have been placed in cages. This has led to a massive need for Avian Shelters and Rescues once owners realize how difficult it is caring for Parrots within their homes. There are thousands of rescues across the U.S. today and they are already full. The request to relinquish parrots into these rescues is increasing daily. They survive solely on their own resources, since there is no existing funding for Avian Rescues.
SOAR will work to help bring public awareness to the need for change in the existing laws governing the welfare of parrots and the ever growing overpopulation crisis of parrots. We will work with other organizations within the animal/wildlife rights enforcement community and legal professions, to help advocate the need for legal protection, to prevent abuse, neglect and suffering of captive parrots.

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