Are You A Good Parrot Owner Or A GREAT One?

 1) The great owner never gives up.
When behaviors persist past the point of frustration, the great owner knows that times are equally frustrating for their bird. When one attempt at a solution fails, let it go and move on. There is no point in beating yourself up for your inability to think like a bird – humans are intended to think like humans for survival in our world. Birds have their own agendas. Observe, learn and try again.
When switching a bird over to a healthier diet, your bird will not like everything you serve. Instead of assuming that your bird hates squash because he didn’t touch it, consider that he wasn’t interested in it as it was served and try another method of preparation. Never give up.

2) The great owner never stops learning.
There is a never ending supply of things to learn about birds, and it all has merit in that it pertains to our birds in some way, often in many ways. Perhaps the most valuable information comes from the field research done on the many different parrot species in the wild. By learning about their habits, we can find explanation as to why the birds in our homes do the things they do and it helps us to set up the captive environment in a way that mimics nature, making them more comfortable in the human world.
It is also very helpful to be in touch with someone who keeps the same species of bird as you do. It allows you to compare behaviors and share solutions to problems. It helps you to not feel so alone when things go wrong. People who have gotten the One Day Miracles DVD reality series have found comfort in the knowledge that others share the same problems with their birds – and they found the help they were looking for.

3)The great owner feels privileged to share life with a parrot.
The good owner loves and enjoys the company of their bird, but the great owner understands that life with a parrot is a gift. They never take for granted the effort put out every day by their bird to fit into human society and are willing do whatever is necessary to justify their trust.

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