Lovebirds in Need

We’re getting all the rescues together to help these guys out.

This lady, Liz, is a sweetheart. Deb from Birds of Paradise Sanct. & Rescuegot contacted from All Parrots Rescue about these guys from This Side of the Rainbow Bridge then later to my rescue No Feather Left Behind. (I think that’s how it went, please contact me if I'm wrong).

We’re all working together, that makes me so happy!

I think my old neighbor will be fostering them for 2 weeks, at least we will know the results of the tests by then and we can move on from there.

Here’s the story: 
MIAMI FL PLEASE, CAN ANYONE HELP? CONTACT LISSETTE!!!! phone #at bottom of post. Need Urgent Foster for abandoned Lovebird family in trouble.
Mother, father and 2 babies.3 of these birds have almost no feathers. The babies are already probably about 2 months old. 
It would have to be a foster home with no other birds. 
These Lovebirds were abandoned in my house by a young guy that my son met. 
I took them to vet since one baby has no feathers and the other has very few feathers. The mom also has a bold head and chest and the father is fine, a beautiful blue with black mask. 
I feel very sad about the ones with no feathers, they are energetic and move about the cage very well and are active.
The problem is that the vet at Avian and Exotic, who is a specialist, did a test that is not ready yet because of holidays, it will be ready in a week or 10 days. 
I took them all the way there because another vet recommended that place. The test has to be sent out to a lab in another state and they say that it’s the only place they do this test. What they have may be “beak and feather” virus that of course it is not contagious to humans but it is to other birds.
I cannot keep them near my birds and there is no where in the house that they can have enough light and fresh air. They have to be inside since they are vulnerable to mosquito bites and weather because of the lack of feathers. 
I have them in a big laundry room but I am afraid ofthem inhaling cleaning chemicals there.I will provide food and needs, cage etc. for them until we can see if they recover from this malady if they have it.
The mother and father cannot be separated since lovebirds pair for life and they get extremely attached to each other.The vet says that if it is Beak and feather virus, that lovebirds could recover from it. I pray that they will recover.If anyone can help please call ***** or email me *****. Thank you and God bless!

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