Rescue Parrots vs. Pet Store/Breeder

"Aren’t all pet birds in need of homes, arguably? Breeder, rescue, or otherwise?"
Breeders/Bird Mills allow birds to be born if there is a demand.
No demand, no baby cockatoos/macaws/amazons/african grays that live to be 70, outliving people who originally purchased them and pass away, leaving the creature to self-mutilate because they’re so heart broken at the loss of their human mate… now left to a family that can’t put up with it, later dumed into a crappy home that locks in in the closet because it won’t shut up…. *ramble ramble*

Don’t forget, these are wild animals that are deserving of flight.

“God loved birds, so he gave them trees. Humans loved birds, so they gave them cages.”

“Well, they don’t need their wings clipped.”
When they are placed in our care, we need them to be as safe as possible. Flighted birds escape, crash into things, even act feral.

Elly was flighted for a bit because “She’s a bird, she should fly.”
Blinds closed, fans off, nothing hot on the stove...
It was all well and good until she landed in the 1 dish in the sink that had nasty grease in it. Of all places! We clipped her after that. Due to the clipping, there was an actual positive change to her personality.

Dogs and cats were bred through YEAAAAARS in order to be able to bond with humans. Parrots are so smart, social, and awesome, they were plucked out of the wild, locked in cages, and sold, with this great potential and NEED to bond. This was until importing of wild birds was banned in the ’90s, but those birds are still around, their babies are still around.

Louie was originally a wild bird, robbed of his freedom. He had a simple quarantine band…

We can never offer the amazing life of flight and freedom. Birds should not be born into captivity. We can’t just up and let our pets go, they won’t be free, they’ll become food. That’s why rescue. “Rescue one until there’s none.”

It may sound weird to those without bird experience, but I feel birds are tiny feathered people. Let's treat them like it.  

*Please note, there are reputable bird stores and breeders that sincerely care about the well-being of their birds. However, I remain of the mindset, "Keep wild animals wild" ...unless in is incapable of a quality life of freedom due to a deformity or injury.

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